Friday, November 30, 2012

Naked Girls Reading- AUSTIN!

Boy oh BOY! or, girls- girls, reading, NAKED! Yep, that's right not only am I going to be in the Naked Girls Reading - Dallas, event on Jan. 25th but I'm starting my very own chapter of Naked Girls Reading in Austin! I had my first auditions this last Wednesday and I tell you what, there are some beautiful, smart, well read ladies in Austin. I could cast the event quite happily, just from those ladies. However, I also have auditions next week, Wednesday Dec. 5th, and I can't wait to see who comes out for that audition! Happy Sigh So, put down in your date books that Sunday, Feb. 16th, you are going to be at the VORTEX theater for the inaugural Naked Girls Reading Austin. I'll post the cast list here on Friday Dec. 7th. So exciting!! GlamAmour

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